Mojo's Information

Breed: Tuxedo,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 8 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Oakland CA

Hello! My name is Mojo. As you may know, mojo is a kind of magical charisma, and that’s me — especially if you’re looking for a kitty to be a constant yet independent companion. I’m pretty much a dog mixed with a panther in tuxedo cat clothes. I will run to the door to greet you every time, bump or rub you & try to look you in the eyes & smell your breath, if you will allow it. However, I find many guests to be intimidated by my intimate forwardness. I am a total extrovert and really love being near my person(s) all the time, but I’m controlling, so I will tell you when to pet me & when/if I want to be on your lap or just near you. I am playful and love interaction & attention (my way). I’m extremely smart and quirky and, okay, some might say a little demanding. I have a super power (my own mojo, as it were) in my ability to read people — visiting friends, family, perhaps even future partners — like a psychic and don’t hide my feelings about them at all. I’m looking for a new home with a person or a couple, because my person travels too much, and I hate being left alone. I do not like children, cats or dogs, as I like my world to revolve around me. I do love to entertain guests at my house, and will join a party in a chair with the human guests trying to make some sort of contact with each, but I don’t like when guests outstay their welcome. I like my house to be slept in only by the people who live there. I was born at the end of 2012 so am in my mid-40s in human years and have been neutered. I’m in Oakland so if you would like to learn more, contact Jessica at [email protected] or 415-238-6263

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