Laskshi and Gansesha

Laskshi and Gansesha's Information

Breed: Tabby,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 11 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Oakland ,CA

Lakshmi AKA Laki:

We picked up Laki from the East Bay SPCA as a young cat in October 2010 as well as his roommate or possibly sibling Nesha. He (we know Lakshmi is a female, but this is the name given by the SPCA and we liked it so we kept it) was neutered, vaccinated, and chipped at that time and we still have the original paperwork we can pass on to the new owners. Since then he has lived with us at our condo near Lake Merritt in Oakland. During our lives with him he has overall been a good cat except for the litter box issues. He thinks he is a person and has always shown love to us, our kids, our friends and their dogs who visit, other cats and he was not too bad at being leashed and walked last we tried 7-8 years ago. Our other cat Nesha wasn’t into the walking so we stopped after a while. Over the years we haven’t kept up on the vaccinations as he was an indoor only cat and he has very rarely been to the vet since then except to deal with his litter box issues.


The first years were grand and we never had a problem. When we got him home we had a renter who had another cat and they had a good relationship and once our renter and his cat moved out he showed us his displeasure by pooping outside the litter box for the first time. We tried many things including litter changes, food changes, drugs, isolation with litter box, feliway and more. Nothing ever worked completely. We had ups and downs with pooping around the house, but that was the only behavioral issues we had. About 4 years ago we had our 1st child and Laki loved him. We had a nanny share at our condo and the other child was much more physical with him and it took real pain inflicted on the cat before he reacted by swiping at them which we were impressed by. When our nanny was here he rarely had any accidents and in fact whenever someone is home and can give him the lap time and physical attention he craves the incidents were minimal to none. Then COVID came along, we renovated, and had our second child. He took the relocation to my parents and then back to the condo in stride, but the pooping was constant as we had our hands full and he didn’t get much attention. Then we took a vacation recently and had a very bad cat sitter and a flea invasion. It was at this point that he infrequently used the litter box. It has been months now and he doesn’t seem to be able to be comforted and with the pandemic and 2 kids our cats are left to themselves most of the time and this doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. In our experience he simply needs love and physical attention beyond what we can give him. He has shown that he will pee in many different places including on anything left on the ground in certain areas of the house. With 2 kids you can imagine then how impossible it is to get a handle on this situation. The trust has been lost in this relationship and he needs to move to a new home.


Our 2 cats have been in each other’s lives since birth or shortly thereafter and we would love to keep it that way.

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